I have always been attracted to simplicity in watch design combined with elegance, but for me above all reigns the usability of a watch and the unambiguous transmission of information created and displayed by the watch dial and hands.

Piloting small aircraft and understanding the restrictive environment in a small cockpit raised the desire to make a watch which I find useful to use whilst flying. There are many aviation type watches on the market often displaying a multitude of functions, some of which do simply not apply when flying a small aircraft under VFR (Visual Flight Rule) conditions. I wanted a simple chronograph which still enables me to read the time indications when for example my arm is stretched out operating some of the cockpit controls. At the same time I was aiming to create a watch which not only acts as an instrument, but has a degree of elegance so it doesn’t look out of place for daily wear.

Recently I also made a 1970's style prototype gents wrist watch which has simple minimalist dial showing just the time and nothing else. After several customers showed interest in this watch I decided to make the Series 02 gents watch which picks up the original idea and design.

Making my own watches is a fulfilment of my horological aspirations. Each watch I make is individually finished to the standard I set. Cases are machined from 316L solid stainless steel bar and carefully matched to their movements and dials. I use selected vintage NOS (New Old Stock) movements like the rugged and iconic Valjoux cal 7733 and cal 92 series, or slim type Peseux movements. All movements are completely stripped down, modified where applicable and re-finished before they are ready to be fitted to the watch.

Turning and milling the watch cases is done by hand, which allows for last minute design changes and absolute control.

Movement decorations such as perlage are applied manually with the movement plates held by a purpose made adapter plate.

The Series 02 watch has a minimalist clear dial style showing nothing but the time, free from visual distractions.

The Peseux cal 320 NOS movement has been re-finished and fitted with hand blued screws.

Cases are made from solid 316L stainless steel bar which is cut into discs and then individually machined to obtain the parts required.

Different stages producing a watch case back
Series 02 minimalist steel case
Rear view of the Series 02 wrist watch
Mechanical gents watch with clear design lines
Series 02 slim design lines

The Series 02 case has a distinct shape which is picking up elements from classic 1970's watch case designs.

The watch is fitted with a front and rear Sapphire glass.

A stage in designing watch cases
Machining watch cases
Finissage of watch movements in my workshop
Perfect watch for use in a small cockpit

The VFR-Timer is a classic style aviation chronograph in bi-compax design.

The watch combines  style elements of distinct pilots watches used in the 1940's and dial styles of vintage analogue aircraft instruments.

All case components, crown and pushers are made from 316L stainless steel.

To enhance the vintage style, this version is fitted with a strong stepped acrylic glass just like the 1940's pilots watches. The case back is sealed with a sapphire crystal.

If you would like to findout more about the watches I make, please email me by using the link on the Contact page.

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